Puerto Rico - Nearly 4 million souls in need of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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¬°Dios le bendiga!

  • Population Projection for 2010:  4,438,000
  • The major religions are: Catholic (85%), Protestants (8%), non religious (2.3%), and others (3%).
    Churches of many denominations can be found throughout the island.  Some islanders ascribe to spiritualism (espiritismo), and others practice Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean belief system brought to Puerto Rico from Cuba. There is also a small Jewish community.
  • About 40 municipalities in need of a Baptist church.
  • Divorce rate:  50%
  • Average family size:  3.5 people
  • Major causes of death per 100,000 population:  142.6 heart and cardiovascular disease, 95.4 cancers, 55.1 diabetes, 38.0 cerebrovascular disease, 29.2 pneumonia and influenza

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